• Record Store Day Black Friday

    Sound City Records is proud to announce 2 amazing release coming as part of RSD Black Friday 2022! TED NUGENT - SPIRIT OF THE WILD 2xLP (Clear Orange Vinyl) Spirit of the Wild ranks as one of Ted Nugent's finest moments because it cuts away the filler and keeps the wildman's tendency for indulgence in check. This album marked the return of Nugent's original sound of hard rock instead of the pop metal style of his '80s solo work, as well as the brief return of vocalist Derek St. Holmes. "Spirit of the Wild" is the theme song for Ted...

  • Ted Nugent - “Nuge Vault” Coming 2023

    Ted Nugent and Sound City Records have partnered on the "Nuge Vault" collection. During rehearsals for 2022 Ted Nugent Summer tour, long-time Nugent Drummer and VP of Sound City Records, Jason Hartless discovered boxes full of tapes containing hundreds of hours of unreleased Ted Nugent Demos, Live Shows and Studio Outtakes. Coming in 2023, the "Nuge Vault" will be a multi-volume collection available on Vinyl, CD and Digital platforms, Produced by Ted Nugent and Jason Hartless STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS

  • Introducing Sound City Records

    27-year-old Jason Hartless has been a very in demand Drummer in the music world for quite a few years. He began touring at the tender age of 11 years old. At 14 years old, yet to see a day of high school, he was a hired gun drummer for one of the opening acts on Motley Crue’s “Crue Fest 2” tour that crisscrossed the United States the summer of 2009. He was recruited at 20 years old by the fellow Detroit native, Ted Nugent and has been his go-to drummer on all Nugent related work since; Jason and Nugent just finished up the Sold-Out “Detroit Muscle”...