Warrior Soul

Out On Bail Artwork Package

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Warrior Soul - Out On Bail Artwork Package  - Limited to 30 units 

Package includes:

  • Limited Edition Green Splatter 12" Vinyl
  • 1' x 3' handprinted "Out On Bail" Artwork by Kory Clarke (Each piece is unique)

Warrior Soul's Critically acclaimed March 2022 album 'Out On Bail' has reached Vinyl Status with Sound City Records in Detroit. A fresh remix specifically for vinyl cut by the undisputed lacquer cutting master Scott Hull at Masterdisk NYC.  The first single 'We're Alive' haunts and energizes while 'Out On Bail' is a statement of considerable intent from Kory Clarke, who is one of Rock n' Roll's most prolific, prophetic and controversial songwriters. Poetic and timely, 'Out On Bail' speaks to us as survivors and fighters, celebrating in success and yet wary of things to come. It is a perfect gateway into the mind and soul of this unique songwriter and ground-breaking band.  And in addition to his musical output, Kory Clarke is also known for his radical outspokenness and highly original paintings one of which is included in THIS PACKAGE!!

Track Listings

  1. We're Alive
  2. One More for the Road
  3. Hip Hip Hurray
  4. Out on Bail
  5. Cancelled Culture
  6. End of the World
  7. YoYo
  8. The New Paradigm