Record Store Day 2024

Sound City Records and Sponge are proud to announce the release of Planet Girls (The Lost 1999 Album) for Record Store Day 2024!

Sponge Frontman Vin Dombroski travels back to 1999 in his personal archives as he collaborates on Exclusive Record Store Day Release: Planet Girls
Detroit, MI - Sponge frontman Vin Dombroski has teamed up with esteemed drummer Jason Hartless and his record label, Sound City Music Group, to deliver an unprecedented release for this year’s Record Store Day, happening on April 20th.
The highly anticipated release will be pressed on limited clear red vinyl and promises fans an extraordinary musical experience and will only be limited to 1,200 units worldwide.
Titled Planet Girls, this album serves as the long-lost version of Sponge’s 1999 release, New Pop Sunday. Following the success of their back-to-back gold albums, Rotting Piñata and Wax Ecstatic, Sponge underwent a label change during the recording of their third release. Legendary producer Kevin Shirley (known for his work with Journey, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes) was brought in to create a more pop-rock-oriented album, a departure from the grittier sound of their first two albums. However, the album was eventually shelved and never released—until now.
Nashville, TN - After a series of private listening parties to showcase the record and packaging, music insiders are buzzing with excitement over what Dombroski has unearthed out of his private collection both sonically and visually. This release is a testament to the creativity of artists like Vin. “The collaboration between the two Detroit natives has resulted in a truly remarkable piece to be added to Sponge’s musical history.”
Planet Girls will be available exclusively on clear red vinyl for Record Store Day, offering fans a unique opportunity to own a piece of Sponge’s legacy.