Ted Nugent

MotorCity BadBoys ~ Signed CD

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Ted Nugent - MotorCity BadBoys - SIGNED CD (Limited of 100)

For the first time ever, Ted Nugent’s 1990 tribute to the iconic early 90s Detroit Pistons basketball team is available on CD. "MotorCity BadBoys" brings the high energy Ted Nugent sound, with the huge sports arena crowd chants.

This limited signed CD includes the original 1990 Ben Grosse Mix and 4 unreleased mixes.
ONLY 100 Produced!! 
    • Track Listing:
      • MotorCity BadBoys
      • MotorCity BadBoys (2023 Mix)
      • MotorCity BadBoys (2023 Instrumental Mix)
      • MotorCity BadBoys (1990 Extended Mix)
      • MotorCity BadBoys (Intro Mix)